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Business Introduction

STO LAO Development Sole Co., LTD started from H&B Development in Korea.

One day when I was pursuing change and innovation in the midst of rapid change. We think about nature, humanity, culture, technology, and sharing.

And in Laos, I found light about my epic journey.

By combining natural tourism resources with modern infrastructure, we want to present a more beautiful and wonderful world to humanity. We started the FANTARA project in the hope that through this process, more people will be happier and smile more.

Our long journey began with many people in Laos who gave us deep trust and generous support, and with many colleagues who walked together.

1. Laos government-level comprehensive national development project 

  • With the approval and active support of the Prime Minister and 13 related ministries, we aim to improve poor transportation infrastructure by connecting the Chinese border area in the north of Laos to the border area in Cambodia in the south.

2. Connecting 1,400 km of sections across Laos through a ropeway network

  • Build transportation infrastructure by connecting major bases in a total of 5 stages

  • Revitalizing tourism/commerce around 140 transfer stations

  • We aim to become a transportation/tourism hub connecting five Southeast Asian countries.

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