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FANTARA WORLD aims to contribute to nature and humanity by improving the quality of life, regional development, and further developing many underdeveloped regions and tourism resources in the world, with the Laos tourism complex development project as the first step. ​Starting from Laos, we seek to expand globally and pursue ecosystem protection and sustainable development.


Laos is a tourist attraction with well-maintained beautiful natural landscapes and cultural relics designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, due to many mountainous regions, there are many underdeveloped areas due to underdeveloped transportation infrastructure and unbalanced development, and there are not many tourist resources other than natural scenery. Accordingly, the Laos government installed a ropeway in a 1,400km section throughout Laos to improve transportation infrastructure. This is a Laos tourism complex development project that will improve and further grow the tourism industry, one of the country's main sources of income, to develop Laos into a world-class tourist attraction and at the same time improve the quality of life of the people.


In addition, we plan to contribute to the development of the surrounding area where FANTARA WORLD is located and to alleviating food shortages by carrying out smart farms, eco-friendly renewable energy development and supply projects, and communication infrastructure construction projects. The liquidity created through FANTARA WORLD is a natural landscape. will contribute to maintaining and developing harmoniously.

Healing and Care

By taking a break at FANTARA WORLD, you can gain new vitality in your daily life.

Happy Memories

Enjoy fun memories and exciting experiences with your loved ones at FANTARA WORLD.


FANTARA WORLD Run a prosperous business and enjoy recreation in a space of opportunity.



As a comprehensive national development project at the Laos government level, it aims to become a transportation hub connecting five Southeast Asian countries by installing a ropeway network throughout the entire region to improve poor transportation infrastructure. You can enjoy the natural scenery and beautiful scenery of Laos from the sky by taking a ropeway.


Modern hotels and resorts are exquisitely designed against the backdrop of majestic rivers and beautiful lakes, offering a sumptuous experience. Here you can enjoy the harmonious comfort of nature and civilization, and enjoy all the amenities and luxuries in a diverse and new environment.

Golf Course

Laos' climate and natural scenery are, in one word, 'beautiful.' Enjoy sports on a 36-hole golf course of international standards with beautiful natural scenery as a backdrop. And, a comfortable pool with beautiful and fantastic views. You can enjoy true relaxation while staying in the villa. ​Currently Phu Koot Thong Kham golf course expansion work is in progress.

Luxury Villa Complex

We are constructing a luxury residential complex that blends well with the natural landscape of Laos.

It is a residential complex where locals as well as all visitors and tourists can stay. 

​Currently A luxury villa complex is under construction at the Phu Koot Thong Kham golf course.

Smart Farm

The variety of plants grown in the smart farm will refresh your table every day. These clean, healthy green plants are grown for the dual purpose of good health and ensuring that no one in the world goes hungry. We supply various plants grown at Smart Farm to resorts and hotels in each region. We will disseminate our accumulated technology, cultivation facilities, and equipment to the world. Our mission is to provide fresh, healthy plants to good people suffering from hunger in extreme cold.

Block Chain

The FANTARA project connects various elements such as nature, tourism, leisure, people, and culture through one platform. Personal information protection, service utilization and profit generation. ​At first glance, they seem unrelated, but when connected through blockchain, many things change. Defects are reduced and shortcomings are supplemented. What's left can be shared. ​Continuous exploration begins.

Check out the FANTARA project website for more details.

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