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As a comprehensive national development project at the Laos government level, it aims to become a transportation hub connecting five Southeast Asian countries by installing a ropeway network throughout the entire region to improve poor transportation infrastructure. You can enjoy the natural scenery and beautiful scenery of Laos from the sky by taking a ropeway.

The 1,400 km long ropeway connecting North and South Korea will provide a means of transportation not only to tourists visiting Laos, but also to all Laos people and neighboring countries, making Laos a transportation powerhouse. As transportation infrastructure grows, the tourism industry also grows. Laos is a country where tourism revenue is increasing every year and has great potential for development. We will also be connected to 12 ‘Ropeway Stations’ spanning 10km to gain an advantageous position in Laos’ middle- and upper-class business competition within a large-scale tourist complex. Accordingly, it is possible to realize excellent profitability that can realize high returns on investment.

The global ropeway market size is estimated to be $27.42 billion in 2022. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.96% to $43.42 billion in 2028. The Americas and Europe account for most of the market. Asia is a nascent market. The growth factors for the ropeway market are analyzed as urbanization, development of the tourism industry, public transportation efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Restraining factors for the ropeway market include high costs, safety concerns, and weather impacts. Opportunities to enter the ropeway market include introducing new technologies, exploring emerging markets, and smart city projects.

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