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Smart Farm

The variety of plants grown in the smart farm will refresh your table every day. These clean, healthy green plants are grown for the dual purpose of good health and ensuring that no one in the world goes hungry. We supply various plants grown at Smart Farm to resorts and hotels in each region. We will disseminate our accumulated technology, cultivation facilities, and equipment to the world. Our mission is to provide fresh, healthy plants to good people suffering from hunger in extreme cold.

It is difficult to supply vegetables and eggs within the complex. That’s why we created ‘Smart Farm’. Laos has a vegetable-centered food culture, so building a ‘smart farm’ of about 10,000 pyeong will eliminate the need for hotel meals. If a large hotel is built here, 3,000 people will stay there. If 3,000 people eat two eggs a day, 6,000 eggs are consumed. The poultry business alone can be very profitable. Our business also includes poultry farming.

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